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A majority of companies perform background screenings on their potential hires in order to reduce the number of bad hiring decisions they make.  While some prospective employees may find these background screenings too invasive, they are becoming very common.

Here are a few recommended pre-employment screening companies that perform legally compliant employee background checks on potential new hires for North American companies.

Intelius is a large data records provider that works with both big and small companies by providing them with data records and intelligence to use in hiring and human resources decisions. Businesses have been using Intelius to make better and smarter decisions about potential employees and other businesses. They offer data records look-ups and other products and services including basic people search to comprehensive, extensive human resource background checks.

Universal Background Screening has been a consistent, leading provider of comprehensive employment background search solutions. They provide public record and personal history verifications, background checks, employee physicals and drug testing and other customized management services.

Working with eVerify Background Checks allows you to get access to their extensive network of multiple databases to locate the information you are searching for. You can get this information from thousands of public and private sources. And the results are sent straight to their client’s computers. Their clients can perform unlimited records searches. They do not have restrictions or limits to the number of individual searches their clients can run. You can purchase one year, three year or unlimited options to their services.

You can also check out Kroll Background Screening, they have been providing companies with employment background checks for years.

If you are interested in seeing more services in this field, you can visit and take a look at their list of companies.


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