Background screening

Background History and Record Checking Companies

An inexpensive background search service will provide you with the basics of a public records investigation.

These search reports can be short or complex, depending upon the type of service you use (and how much you are willing to pay).

Your report will often contain the following:

– birth records
– death records
– adoption records
– address verifications
– legal judgments
– military records
– education accomplishments
– criminal records
– bankruptcy records
– marriage records

One popular online service for cheap background searches is Background Reports 360. They put together data from public records from different sources and then organizes it so that it is easy to search through. Their databases are large. The information made available to you comes from arrests, warrants, criminal records, address history, legal judgements, bankruptcies, divorce records, marriage records, and more.

US Background Search pulls together public record data which allows you to make good choices. If you run a screening through their service, you can see verified details from criminal and court records. US Search is one of the oldest services online. Their access of public records is one of the biggest and they are a popular source of cheap background checks.

And probably the most popular of all the background search companies was Net Detective Background Checks. Net Detective was used by individuals and businesses for over 15 years. Once you signed up for their service, you could operate as many searches as you like. This service is discontinued now.

Besides these companies, you can check out a list of available services at

Or a smaller list is provided at


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