Background screening

Background Checking Companies

If you are an individual that wants to run just a few background checks every once in a while, there are several decent, convenient and affordable personal background screening firms that can help you out.

Here are a few of these firms that offer screenings for individuals.

First, Background Report 360 will pull together a file consisting mostly of personal records, court records, property records and possibly criminal history. Some of the data you may get could be addresses, phone number, aliases, social web activity, birth date, spouses, criminal arrests, convictions, incarcerations, civil suits, civil actions, bankruptcies, liens and property records.

There is also US Search. US Search is a long-time provider of fast, basic background information. Their service is easy to use and might provide you with just what you need.

Another option is eVerify. This company is another web-based provider of background reports. They strive to deliver quick and affordable public records information.

There are a variety of items you may be informed about, including courthouse records, criminal files, phone numbers, arrest information, warrants, federal and state tax liens, civil judgments, relative list, roommates, neighbors, age, date of birth, maiden name, ownership of major property, marriage and divorce information.

And finally, for businesses looking to do preliminary background screenings on potential employees, Kroll Background Screening has several services for employers.

Companies who are looking to check out a background screening report in order to determine whether or not to hire an individual, federal law requires that this type of report be of a certain type. Kroll is one of those companies that provides this specific style of report.

You can also find a list of firms that offer general screening services at


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